Monday, February 27, 2017

Freedom Is A Journey

Greetings all, as we await March.

Well, again, you never know when or how inspiration will strike.  If you haven't seen or heard of that nefarious Paul Ryan's tweet about freedom and Obamacare, Jon Schwarz had a fantastic take down.   During participation in the comments, inspiration struck (but shhhhh - someone might figure out my TI commenter handle 😃 )

After mulling over the nugget of inspiration, I thought, for at least now, a poem might be the best outlet for my thoughts.  However... maybe a more prose-y take on the topic might be good later (?).

So here goes:

Freedom Is A Journey

Freedom is a journey
One concentric circle blending into another
Old confines erased
As each one expands the breadth,
Each one expands the horizons
Every new incremental change
Gives more room to stretch
Gives an invitation to grow
This journey of broadening scope
Begun by some ancient yearning pebble
Still continues its pilgrimage today
The journey still incomplete

Hope that offering gives you readers something to think about. Your thoughts?

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