Friday, December 28, 2007

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Birthday Greetings

Again it's time to send Birthday greetings to our second President. Happy Birthday to John Adams! We could use some of your spirit now to help solve the problems of this country. Maybe you could somehow send some decent advice to the current administration; they surely need it!

I've started David McCullough's award-winning biography of our birthday boy. I haven't gotten too far as there never seems to be enough time to settle in to read, but I am already very impressed with the painstaking research McCullough did. I should also note here that just recently we lost George Grizzard, the actor who so wonderfully portrayed John in "The Adams Chronicles" miniseries.

Although I have visited Quincy and the Adams sites, I still would like someday to revisit and attend the Presidential Wreath laying ceremony. Maybe one year they'll have it on a weekend day and I'll be able to somehow get a way up there. Meanwhile, here's a link to the sites to check out.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

More on Myanmar

While reading some web news yesterday about Myanmar/Burma, one poster on the abc news discussion suggested finding out what corporations do business in Burma and so help prop up the junta. Well, there is a news report about that very topic today. Chevron is a U. S. corporation involved. I e-mailed them to express my concern. You can read the article here. I hope that many will let these irresponsible corporate citizens know that we hope they will do more to help this oppressed people.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Dear Readers:

I am so heartbroken about the situation in Myanmar/Burma. The Burmese people need your prayers and your solidarity.

In addition to news from the regular media, check out the blog of a Burmese expatriate here.

The United Nations will be having a special session on Oct. 2. I e-mailed them to press them to help end the repression. If you go to the United Nations site, there will be a link to e-mail when you click on 'comments' at the bottom of their pages.

Also, if you go to the Amnesty International site, they have an action link for Myanmar with a sample letter to cut and paste into an e-mail to the Minister there urging humane treatment of those arrested, etc. They have the e-mail link and the fax number there that you would use.

We need to stand solidly for human rights all over the globe. With the crackdown in Myanmar, stifling of some protests in Pakistan, we need to be constantly on the alert.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Emmys

I knew there was a good reason why I went with the football game last night. From what I've read about the Emmy Awards, I'm so glad I didn't watch them. I really don't like 4-letter words so I wouldn't have appreciated all the bleeping that went on. Then I read of Kathy Griffin's speech (apparently mostly cut from the broadcast, however). I hardly have words to describe how awful I think it was. Although I defend her right to such speech, in no way can I condone what she said. I think it showed no taste, no class, no respect whatsoever. And she defends this as being "funny" - and a great Emmy speech? Intellectually, I can say, ok, Freedom of Speech rules. Emotionally - my gut says give the award, show, live performances, platform to someone else. Someone who has some taste and respect for others' religious values.

Has our society gone so far down that these kind of antics and humor are considered acceptable? I'm sorry, but I find what went on pretty offensive. I get tired of these celebrities trying to shock and so keep pushing the envelope. Please show some shred of decency and common sense.

And to the rest of us: I think stepping away from the altar of celebrity worship would help. Let's stop reacting to every controversy, stop applauding bad language, and stop winking at bad behavior.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Snooping Needs to Stop

Hello - anyone out there?

It's hard to believe I haven't posted since January, but life does get crazy sometimes. Unfortunately, there always seems to be much material I could write about if I could be more "disciplined", I guess.

Today, though, I am angry enough to post. I am angry that Congress (especially Democrats who were more afraid of a veto than concerned about civil liberties) expanded the scope of warrantless wiretapping. I don't understand why they cave in to a President who has no respect for the checks and balances of our Constitution, our civil liberties, or the common people, period. I am angry that no one seems outraged. Wake up, people!

Then I received an e-mail of this article and felt I had to post the link and urge everyone to read it. Maybe it will cause someone who had been unaware or unconcerned to be more alert and active.

The link:

Thursday, January 4, 2007

My Action List for the New Congress

So the new Congress is in place and there's buzz about a "100-Hour Agenda". Ok, I endorse that; it's a start. But there's quite a lot more to be done:

1. Global Warming - with the polar bear threatened, penguins adjusting habits due to climate change and even a "tongue" of Canadian arctic ice breaking off from Ellesmere Is., it can no longer be denied that this is indeed a planetary threat. We need to get get into the Kyoto Protocol and start taking some leadership for addressing this immense problem. If we don't, I have the feeling many others won't matter.

2. Iraq - get us out of there. Get U. N. Peacekeepers in if possible, get the Iraqis doing the job, just stop letting our men and women face danger in this quagmire.

3. Violence - we need to take steps to stop the violence that seems to be infecting our cities, especially. What about having some sort of summit or networking session to help law enforcement and community leaders find solutions? We also need to commit more money for police and for rehabilitation programs.

4. Civil Rights - for heaven's sake - recall that detainee bill, restore Habeas Corpus, and make sure that detainees have fair legal hearings and close Guantanamo. For privacy's sake - stop warrantless wiretapping and snooping. I just saw a snippet of a report where they were opening mail. This practice needs to be curbed and snooping should ONLY be done by court order. Fix the Patriot Act and stop snooping on what people borrow from libraries!

5. Poverty - I don't know of easy solutions, but funding more rehab (so many impoverished are addicted) and more education, training, and mentoring programs would be a start. Get good affordable child care and public transit. Those things can help people as they seek to rise.

6. Education - start scholarship programs so that students can attend college without going into debt. If the government could start the framework and provide some seed money, I would think that people and organizations would be willing to donate. Hire more social workers to help students cope with the pressures and problems of society they are too often faced with.

7. Accountability - listen to ordinary Americans. Members of Congress (as well as other officials such as the President and the Cabinet) should hold regular town hall meetings. Be accessible to regular folks, not just lobbyists. Pay attention to demonstrations and protests, don't be so insulated from them, even if you disagree.