Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Price of Bread

Going to the grocery store shouldn't be a challenge, should it? I'll say right out that I must count my blessings as I have a good job and am not food insecure. If you're paying attention, the data on food insecurity is really enough to give one pause.

What is really is getting to me these days is the price of bread. Specifically, a good brand of multigrain or whole wheat bread. Many of them where I shop now have a regular price of more than $4.00 per loaf. To me this is totally unacceptable. A staple, a healthy staple at that, should not be priced so that it's geting out of reach.

There has been much talk about this in the media recently and one point that comes out is that if a family is using Food Stamps or a Supplemental Nutrition Program - it's hard to afford healthy food choices. With the cost of healthy bread so high, I well believe it.

In general, the data on poverty is just staggering. And if the cost of FOOD - something we all need - even BASIC food like bread - gets so high, it's going to just make it that much harder for people and families to tread water, let alone emerge from poverty. On top if this, many states want to reduce benefits or eligibility for their programs.

Can't we do better, folks? Can't we cut elsewhere? Can't we end the loopholes so everyone pays a fair share of taxes? Can't we create more jobs here? There certainly is enough work to be done. Let's start with customer service and tech support workers. We're all tired of automated systems so how about hiring more humans! And why can't our own folks be trained in tech support instead of shipping those jobs overseas?

Let's do better so we can all eat healthy and keep rising up.