Sunday, September 24, 2017

Peace Poem - Better Late Than Never!

Well, Greetings Dear Readers!  It's been a while (so much I've been dealing with).  But I haven't forgotten.  In fact there should be another post up fairly soon after this!

But I was caught napping on this one. International Day of Peace was back on Thursday (9/21) and it slipped right by me.  If anyone has actually been reading this blog, he or she will know that the past few years it's been my tradition to actually do a series, leading up to an original peace poem on that day.  Well, sorry I won't be doing a series this year, but I do have an original peace poem to share, even if it is a bit tardy.  But hey, aren't words of PEACE always in order - or should be?  And I'd love some comments - as I mentioned in my twitter announcement, I REALLYcould use some encouragement here.  I put quite some effort and care into this blog and really hope someone does find it of some value!  Oh, and BTW, what do you readers think of the new look for the blog?

Herewith the poem.  I hope you readers enjoy.

Intimations of Peace

Quietly compelling murmurings
Intimations of Peace
Carried on winds of Hope,
Winging around the globe
Hear the whispers
Speaking to our hearts
For Peace yearns for us to listen
And let our hearts be filled with its message
A message of concord and hope,
For us its realization to fulfill.

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