Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Slience was Deafening

All last weekend I was upset over that "Cold Case" episode. I couldn't believe that something so insensitive would actually be aired! When I mentioned it to some co-workers and others, no one seemed to have heard about it. Maybe CBS thought that on a holiday weekend, folks wouldn't be paying attention.

What also upset me is that there seemed to be little discussion of it - at least not that I could find on the Internet (and I heard nothing on tv about it other than those awful promos). That LeBron James Vanity Fair cover controversy seemed to generate more. I'd expected to see many organizations condemning it, some prominent individuals, too - but none that I could find reports of. I just couldn't believe CBS was getting such a free pass. Well, at least Sunday Night Football came out ahead of it in ratings. Thank God for that, I suppose.

The irony of it is that I never would have thought that this particular show would be guilty of something so inappropriate. I've watched it and enjoyed many episodes. They've had a good track record of dealing with racial issues on the show; have two African-American cast members. I wish the entire cast had stood together and just said "We won't be associated with this."

I find I can't watch this series and enjoy it anymore. I'm not sure what I'll watch after Sunday Night Football, but it won't be "Cold Case."