Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

So today was/is Black Friday.  I actually used to go out shoppng on this day after Thanksgiving, but more recently, if I do go out, I tend to not go to the big box retailers.  The crowds have just gotten too much.

Personally, although I love a bargain as much as anyone, I dion't intend to camp out for a cheap electroic device or some other deeply discounted piece of merchandise.  And as far as getting myself to a store at 5 a.m or so, well, I just don't see THAT happening, either!  Now people are getting to stores Thanksgiving evening - go figure.  I wonder about the workers who don't have much of a choice but to show up, no matter what the holiday means to them or their families.  The stores, say, of course, they're just giving the customers what they want.

And that's the problem.  Are we so jaded that it's "worth it" to leave family time behind, brave crowds, possibly edure scuffles (although I think this year hasn't been as bad as some prevous years), worry about potetial robberies in the parking lots?

Speaking for myself, I don't think so.  And I would hope that more and more people would also see the way to get a more healthy balance back into the shopping season, and say 'no' to the overencroaching materialism that seems to be around us.  Bargain hunt, but set some limits.  If WE don't support the expansion of Black Friday, the herd mentality of camping out and all, hopefully we can get to a more sane season.