Monday, August 19, 2013

Oh, My, WHAT is going on???

I follow developments in the NSA spying scandal, of course, and there always seems to be a new outrage.

I would recommend that everyone follow this story, get informed, and press for serious reforms.  Again, probably the best place to start is The Guardian online site.

The latest incident happened just this past weekend when security at Heathrow Airport detained David Miranda, the partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald who broke the NSA story and continues to report on it.  Supposedly, he was detained using a terrorism law, but it seems clear he was involved in NO terrorist activity.  In fact, in his interview at The Guardian site, he says he was interviewed about the NSA/Snowden story, Greenwald, and Laura Poitras (who is doing documentary on the subject.  Definitely NOT terrorism.  Also it has come to light that GCHQ personnel destroyed computers in The Guardian's basement  in an attempt to stop reporting on Snowden's leaks and NSA (and GCHQ?) spying.  You can read about that (and Miranda's detention) here .

We all should be outraged that Freedom of the Press is under such severe attack.  We must start standing together to support real journalism, and to work to defend our liberties.