Positively Diverse

 "Positively Diverse"

This is a page for sharing positive notes about diversity and unity (as per Alexandra Franzen's advice to a) "take the initiative" and b) "do something cool').  While it's necessary to confront intolerance and divisiveness (hey, if you can't rant on a blog, then what's it for?); this page may serve as a counterpoint and maybe even a hopeful signal.  We could use any pinpricks of light we can find!

Currrently I'm on moderation, which will actually work here.  Please submit (by comment or possibly by e-mail for those who know me personally) any positive link, photo, story, thought, other writing, or creative work that you wish to share here.  I will copy and paste the submission to THIS page, as comments come out small and this way, they can all be on the same page.  I'll attribute them as you wish, and yes, they can be anonymous if you desire.

So I hope you good readers will comment with things such as links to a positive diversity or unity article or video, a positive quote about diversity or unity, your own positive thoughts or writings.  Your submissions are definitely welcomed and needed here!

I'll get us started with a couple of positive links.

If you haven't seen it, here's a clip of Aaron Rodgers blasting an intolerant fan.  Good for you, Aaron (and I'll not be too hard on you for taking a jibe at Russell Wilson (probably just a competitive streak... but just don't let THAT get too out of hand, though, ok?)


Misty Copeland was named first female African-American/Mixed Race Principal Dancer with the Americann Ballet Theater.  Here's a link with some videos! 


Here's a submission from "nitarose" - Thank you!

From the book: Mandela, An Illustrated Autobiography:

"On the day of the inauguration, I was overwhelmed with a sense of history.  In the first decade of the twentieth century, a few years after the bitter Anglo-Boer war and before my own birth, the white-skinned peoples of South Africa patched up their differences and erected a system of racial domination against the dark-skinned peoples of their own land. The structure they created formed the basis of the harshest, most inhumane, societies the world has ever known.  Now, in the last decade of the twentieth century, and my own eighth decade as a man, that system had been overturned forever and replaced by one that recognized the rights and freedoms of all peoples regardless of the colour of their skin."


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