Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, John Adams

Hi to anyone who actually reads my blog. Yes, I'm still around, but trying to keep up with everything gets hectic sometimes. Unfortunately, blogging is not a TOP priority.

But since it is that day, and I have 5 minutes to breathe this evening, I have to post a Happy Birthday to our second President. Happy Birthday, Mr. President and many good wishes!

I have to confess I have not yet finished that biography by David McCullough (I keep promising myself I will get through it all one day). I haven't even seen the Miniseries based on it - but I hope to see it on DVD one day. Of course I watched The Adams Chronicles years ago; it would be nice to see that miniseries again.

I hope we all will take a few minutes to honor Adams' heritage of dedication and service to our country; his commitment to freedom. We must continue to work, pray, hold officials accountable, and strive to advance further toward those ideals.