Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Birthday Greetings

Again it's time to send Birthday greetings to our second President. Happy Birthday to John Adams! We could use some of your spirit now to help solve the problems of this country. Maybe you could somehow send some decent advice to the current administration; they surely need it!

I've started David McCullough's award-winning biography of our birthday boy. I haven't gotten too far as there never seems to be enough time to settle in to read, but I am already very impressed with the painstaking research McCullough did. I should also note here that just recently we lost George Grizzard, the actor who so wonderfully portrayed John in "The Adams Chronicles" miniseries.

Although I have visited Quincy and the Adams sites, I still would like someday to revisit and attend the Presidential Wreath laying ceremony. Maybe one year they'll have it on a weekend day and I'll be able to somehow get a way up there. Meanwhile, here's a link to the sites to check out.