Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Anniversary

It hardly seems possible, but today is the first anniversary of Cinnamonblue's Blog! At times I've wondered if I'd keep it up this long, but I'm still here - when I have the energy to post!

Thanks to all who have found a way to this cyberwindow. It's about communication and empowerment. I hope to foster dialog, discussion, debate. We need not shy from openness and not always sharing the same point of view. Real trouble starts when one point of view is afraid or not forward enough to speak up. I sometimes feel we Liberals are too lax in trying to respectfully advocate for what we believe. I hope that people will feel outraged enough, energized enough, or tired enough of the status quo to take some action to make some positive changes. The problems we have didn't happen overnight; I really feel part of the problem is that so many of us just didn't get involved enough to head them off.

I know we're all busy. I know we all have many things to deal with personally. But if we take the time to do SOMETHING - even for one issue we care about - maybe that, along with the efforts of others, really can make a difference.

Champagne, anyone?