Thursday, June 29, 2006

Excellent Article

In the archives is an excellent article by George Lakoff, Mark Ettlinger and Sam Ferguson. It's definitely worth reading, digesting, and acting on!


I certainly don't find much to like about the President, least of all his arrogance. The Supreme Court rules that the administration's plans to try detainees in military tribunals violates both U. S. law and the Geneva Conventions. The Supreme Court says a better alternative would be military courts-martial which affords defendants rights similar to civilian courts.

But Bush vows to pursue some sort of military tribunal and Sen. Frist wants to introduce legislation to do just that.

Such arrogance. When told what they're doing is overstepping the law, Bush and Co. just want to do whatever fits their plans. I'm amazed and appalled that there is not more outrage about this dangerous, yes dangerous, and un-Constitutional way of thinking.

Wake up, people! No one, no one, especially the President, should set him or herself above the law. Why are we tolerating illegal wiretapping and snooping into financial records? Why is no one upset about signing statements negating parts of legislation he doesn't like? When will the public see that this is the wrong road to pursue? When will people realize we've sacrificed too much liberty in the name of the 'war on terror'? When it's too late? My advice to everyone is open your eyes, NOW!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Economic Inequity - Again!

Unbelievable! The Senate has blocked a minimum wage increase. The Senators (mostly Republican) who voted against this should be ashamed. I hope people take a look at how their Senators voted and hold them accountable for standing up for working families.

Meanwhile, everyone should work to have their states raise the state minimum wage. NJ has passed a raise, and PA has just passed one.

This is only economic fairness. How can you support a family on a wage of around $5.15? This also comes as news breaks that the average CEO makes $11 million per year as compared to just under $42, 000 for an average worker. This means the average CEO makes around 262 times the wage of an average worker. These figures come from the Economic Policy Institute and are based on 2005 wages and compensation. The EPI also says that the buying power of the minimum wage is at a 51-year low. You can read more about their analysis at the EPI site.

So why won't our policy makers do the right thing and give the working poor a boost?

More on the AC Scandal

Found here is an excellent article by Peter Daou which explains why we should all be concerned that the media is giving a platform to the hate-mongering of Ann Coulter.

Another note to Bushwack since you ask why no one says she's wrong. Maybe we Liberals take for granted that people will know we disagree with 99.99% of what she says. I'm not sure what rational points she makes. From the little snippets of her writings or interviews, it seems to me as though all she does is hurl insults.

I think it's beyond decency to say that a Congressman is the reason soldiers invented fragging (assassinating an unpopular member of one's own unit). To even suggest that happen to another human being is way over the line. I can only imagine the outcry is someone Liberal or even moderate had said something similar about a figure they consider unpopular.

Those who are concerned about the media and fairness can also visit There are many great articles and resources there.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Ann Coulter

In case you haven't noticed the rhetoric in this country recently hit a new low. Syndicated columnist Ann Coulter is now attacking 9/11 widows and claiming Liberals are "Godless".

I certainly think it's bad form to attack the women who have lost husbands in such a tragedy (I think the Inquirer suggested she went after them because they backed Kerry!). What I really want to comment on, though, is her totally baseless thesis that we Liberals are "Godless".

As I mentioned in one of my early posts ('Why I am a Liberal', found in the March 2005 archives) my faith has been a definite reason for my Liberal views. Jesus says we are to love one another; I see her constant vitriol as quite the opposite.

What also concerns me is that her book is a best seller and she got cheers on Jay Leno. Has the mood of our nation become such that this sort of baseless, classless attack is what people like? Maybe it's just me, but I cannot see how anyone can buy (literally, as well as figuratively) such garbage.

I would urge EVERYONE to reject such rhetoric. You might want to write a letter to the editor refuting such views. You may also want to let her syndicate know that you don't appreciate her going over the line (I did). Info can be found here.