Friday, June 16, 2006

Ann Coulter

In case you haven't noticed the rhetoric in this country recently hit a new low. Syndicated columnist Ann Coulter is now attacking 9/11 widows and claiming Liberals are "Godless".

I certainly think it's bad form to attack the women who have lost husbands in such a tragedy (I think the Inquirer suggested she went after them because they backed Kerry!). What I really want to comment on, though, is her totally baseless thesis that we Liberals are "Godless".

As I mentioned in one of my early posts ('Why I am a Liberal', found in the March 2005 archives) my faith has been a definite reason for my Liberal views. Jesus says we are to love one another; I see her constant vitriol as quite the opposite.

What also concerns me is that her book is a best seller and she got cheers on Jay Leno. Has the mood of our nation become such that this sort of baseless, classless attack is what people like? Maybe it's just me, but I cannot see how anyone can buy (literally, as well as figuratively) such garbage.

I would urge EVERYONE to reject such rhetoric. You might want to write a letter to the editor refuting such views. You may also want to let her syndicate know that you don't appreciate her going over the line (I did). Info can be found here.


  1. Ann Coulter is only saying what many people feel. She is not only a voice for herself, but for all those who cannot express the same thoughts for fear of reprisals in the workplace, public gatherings, and their own lives.

    She has enough clout as not to worry that she will be fired for expressing her views.

    I have heard liberal democrats say far worse and never be held to the scrutiny and contempt that she has.

    This issue is proof positive that liberals and conservatives are not held to the same standards. Liberals, for the most part, are given passes on their views and controversial statements.

    To read my post about Ann’s appearance on Leno on Wednesday evening, visit

    We welcome all views and opinions, no matter how ridiculous they are.

  2. Hi Texas Truth -

    Welcome. Thanks for visiting and posting so civilly. I value civility but I also find it hard sometimes myself to write or talk temperately about these issues.

    Re: Ann Coulter. I don't mean to by uncivil, but I just can't stand her. You say you've heard Liberal Democrats say far worse, but I wonder just what could be worse than calling people that don't have your viewpoint traitors or "Godless"? I'm VERY concerned that anyone would think that way. I don't want to live in a place where it's mandated I subscribe to a certain political view.America is not monolithic and should be big enough for all viewpoints to be treated with some sort of respect!

    You seem like a reasonable sort--- do you really believe we Liberals are all that bad? I hope you visit again and read through more of my blog. I hope you see we Liberals are pretty much decent people.

    I think it's very dangerous for our political debate for one side to be so demonized. I live in South Jersey and get the Phila. tv stations. During the last election, I heard the term Liberal so trashed by opposition to Democratic Congressional candidates. The oppositon continually tried to paint them as extremist or something. As I say many times, if Conservative is honorable, so is Liberal.

    The NEA had in issue about Academic Freedom,and some of the stories some professors told of being harassed or even threatened if they incorporated anything critical of Bush in their courses were actually chilling.

    You said that Liberals are not held to the same standards. Well, from my view, I see Conservatives getting away with some pretty bad rhetoric, too.

    I think it's sad that this type of "trash talking" is what our political debate is coming to.

    Anyway, I did visit your blog, briefly. Feel free to visit here anytime as well.

  3. Hi, I haven't been here before but I noticed your comment on Texas Truth.
    I mean no disrespect while stating my opinion.
    The one thing I don't understand after reading her book is how come no one is arguing the facts she presents?
    Statistics on everything, and the only argument we hear is "We are not that bad" or attacks on her carachter based on the fact she is not allowing the rhetoric from the left's "Victim" of the month to go unchallenged.
    She is not hateful as much as factual, If there is a debate to be had on the issues she brings up I'd love to hear them.
    She makes some good points on Abortion and Crime and Teachers. but no one is screaming "She Lied" or "She's wrong"
    Just "I hate her", "she hates us", Yada yada, "cruel Ann". IMO she has shed light on the state sanctioned religion of liberalism.
    Just an opinion from a target in the war on terror.

  4. Hi Bushwack -

    Hmmm. First of all, I will tell you that I DO NOT read Ann Coulter, beacause, again, no disrespect, I just cannot stand her - and I do believe she is quite hateful. Why would I want to subject myself to hearing my viewpoint being called treason? Didn't she also all but call for Rep. (I think) Murtha to be murdered? I'm sorry, but I don't care for that kind of rhetoric. That was my main point in this post, that that kind of talk is not what we should be engaging in.

    As far as you saying she's always factual; I've read the opposite. For example, didn't she suggest McCarthyism was made up? I think the blacklist and the what the victims went through is pretty well documented. I've read more references, but don't have them at hand right now...

    As far as issues,I guess if you'd give me a specific issue, I'd argue or say what I thought. For example, what in the world does she say about teachers? I am an educator and always have lots of opinions on education.

    "State sanctioned religion of liberalism"??? No way. I see far too much control by corporations and special interests, not by liberalism. And there are many of us whose liberalism springs from their faith among other things - it's not some viewpoint imposed on us.

    Anyway, thanks for visiting


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