Monday, September 17, 2007

The Emmys

I knew there was a good reason why I went with the football game last night. From what I've read about the Emmy Awards, I'm so glad I didn't watch them. I really don't like 4-letter words so I wouldn't have appreciated all the bleeping that went on. Then I read of Kathy Griffin's speech (apparently mostly cut from the broadcast, however). I hardly have words to describe how awful I think it was. Although I defend her right to such speech, in no way can I condone what she said. I think it showed no taste, no class, no respect whatsoever. And she defends this as being "funny" - and a great Emmy speech? Intellectually, I can say, ok, Freedom of Speech rules. Emotionally - my gut says give the award, show, live performances, platform to someone else. Someone who has some taste and respect for others' religious values.

Has our society gone so far down that these kind of antics and humor are considered acceptable? I'm sorry, but I find what went on pretty offensive. I get tired of these celebrities trying to shock and so keep pushing the envelope. Please show some shred of decency and common sense.

And to the rest of us: I think stepping away from the altar of celebrity worship would help. Let's stop reacting to every controversy, stop applauding bad language, and stop winking at bad behavior.

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