Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Three More Alerts!

Greetings once again.  I just HAD to post about these three items which, if you haven't seen, should be checking out.

News goes so fast, it can be hard to keep up. But some things we really shouldn't miss.  There are so many fronts now needing our attention, it can be hard to know how to focus.  Still many things are interconnected if one really looks behind the scenes.  Issues of bigotry, privacy, economic injustice, climate activism have many points of intersection.

So, here are three items you might want to check out.

  • This one was too good not to make note of.  GOP Senators silenced Sen. Warren from reading Coretta Scott King's letter concerning Sen. Sessions.  Although she didn't read it on the Senate floor, she did an interview about it and also read it on facebook live (if I have that correct) to so many more people.  Later, Sen . Merkley did read it on the Senate floor.  You can read about this and read the text of the letter in this article.
  • A legal defense fund set up for Barrett Brown is suing the Dep't of Justice, claiming they were suveilling anonymous donors.  This is a very important issue, as this relates to people exercising Free Speech by anonymous donations to a cause.  First Amendment, anyone?
I hope these alerts are of service to you readers.  If you have any to share, do comment!

Also remember, if you find this post or any post here to be of value, please comment and/or share.  Thanks!

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