Thursday, February 16, 2017

Yemen (Updated!)

Greetings... There's so much going on domestically, it's often hard to keep track of what's going on around the world.  Not long ago I read the article at The Intercept concerning the situation in Yemen.

It's not at all pretty.  Please do read the article.  From the report: "As a result, the United Nations this week declared that Yemen is on the brink of famine."

Also this:  'And signs are that Yemen is in for more suffering at Trump’s hands. Trump’s Defense Department is reportedly considering a proposal to designate Yemen a formal battlefield in the war on terror, which would allow for an “intensified pace of operations, rather than one-off raids or drone strikes.” '

On the heels of that report, there was an air strike on a funeral which has killed at least five.

There's related material in an old post here (link to full post is below):  "Back to Yemen.  The Guardian has a great overview of the MSF bombings and the situation in YemenFrom the article, Ayora again : “Once more, it is civilians that bear the brunt of this war,” she said.  Sadly, that has been increasingly the case with 20th Century Wars.  I didn't notice a date on that UNICEF article, but I'm sure updates would show the trend is continuing."

You might consider donating to an organization which does relief efforts in Yemen, such as Doctors Without Borders (MSF) or Oxfam.  I believe MSF does allow you to earmark your donation to a region or program... I have been meaning to give to them for a while, and will check into this and update.

Let's look at the corner of the world where one can find Yemen.  Maybe we could send them some good vibes and prayers.  First, the location of area on globe, then the area of interest in detail.

I found an unlabeled map, cropped a bit, worked with colors and put in labels. Apologies, but it turned out to be difficult to put in labels for Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan (it's VERY difficult to change stuff in Paint once you put it in...).  Lebanon is country in dark blue, bottom left of Syria.  Israel is just below that.  And Jordan is just below Syria, bordering Saudi Arabia and Iraq.


Truth is stranger than fiction for sure.  Well, it turns out Ofam doesn't do earmarked donations, and when I called MSF, the first words I heard were "May I have your area code please?"  They were pretty adamant about needing my phone number if I were to donate.  So I searched a bit more and hit on Mercy Corps.  They have a good rating and I remember also that a gal who was also on a mailing list with me spoke well of them.  When I called, the representative said they a) could earmark my donation and b) were also not hard and fast needing a phone number, so I did donate there!  If you're thinking of donating, I would definitely consider them.  Their website:  Mercy Corps
If anyone would like the phone number it is:  1-888-747-7440.

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