Saturday, February 18, 2017

I'm In the Mood For...Troublemaking Visuals

Greetings again.  Hope someone IS out there...

This time, to lighten up the mood just a bit, yet still make a point or two, I thought I'd post some visuals of thoughts about what I've been observing.

Excuse my relative lack of graphical skills, but the idea is just to see what I can do, make a point, and maybe even have a bit of fun.

First visual:  I'm sure you've all probably seen that Liberty Mutual Ins. commercial that I just can't stand; the one with the oh-so-perfect Mom and kids.  But can you imagine them doing that with the "perfect" family being African-American?

Next visual: what if there were to be a more open, welcoming approach to immigration?

One more: what about the women (I know it's "words" but I thought this might make a nice presentation)?

Would love to read your thoughts.

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