Monday, February 13, 2017

Moral Resistance

Greetings once again on this day before Valentine's Day.  How about some reading and musings to consider.

My homepage is (there's a link in my "side" navbar) and when I saw the headline of their story concerning the huge protest in NC, the phrase "Moral Resistance" really resonated.  Especially after having read some days before, a wonderfully written and extremely thoughtful piece in their 'Views' section.

The article is:  A Malignant Attack on American Values and was written by Adil E. Shamoo and Bonnie Bricker.  They encapsulate so much of what I (and it seems like many, many others) have been feeling about the "present administration."  Please take the time to read it and digest it.

A short snippet from this article: "The president is a role model for our entire country. When lies are routine and ethical standards are violated in every arena we would be deceiving ourselves to imagine that such malevolence will not invade every corner of American life." 

Beyond dealing with the horrors of this administration, it's clear that there is so much to do in trying to reach out, educate, cajole, whatever, - folks into more positive attitudes. The fact that there is as much support as there is for the travel ban on Muslims (although poll numbers can vary quite a bit) is certainly cause for concern. I've also seen reports that there is some support for torture out there.  Really?  How in the world can anyone justify doing that to other human beings?  And evidence shows that it doesn't work!  Further, try visiting some recent current event comment threads at either The Intercept or The Guardian and you will have to note some very racist and uncivil comments; I can only imagine how bad those "alt-right" (read 'white supremacist') sites are.  How can we break through all this?  I know we're never going to get everyone on board, but we have to reach more folks, really we do.

Well, I suppose it's time to give my Moral Resistance offering:

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