Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My "Cacerlolazo" or "People's Address"

Greetings.  Well, there was a speech last night, eh?  I saw on that an act of resistance can be to write one's own "cacerlolazo" or "People's Address" to counter and resist the administration and its' policies.

The term cacerlolazo means "casserole" and the tactic is rooted in folks banging pots, pans and other utensils in noisy protest.  OK, let's make some NOISE!

My own "People's Address":

Honorable Members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices, Cabinet Secretaries, and Honorable Fellow Citizens:

This country needs to chart a new path. A path that will take us ever closer to the fabled American Dream and The Dream of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr..

We need to chart a path which will move us away from hatred, bigotry, and fearmongering into a new path of acceptance, understanding, and cooperation.  We must ensure that there will be no second-class citizens; that equal protection of the law applies to each citizen, and that every voice has an equal chance to be heard.

We need to chart a new path to ensure that our First Amendment Rights are honored and protected.  The freedom to worship freely, protest and dissent freely and to have a free press must be absolutely and always respected.  We should also broaden the scope to make sure that rights to privacy are also included.

We need to chart a new path in the way government works; its focus should be working for the people. That means the first concern of policy should be the people of our country, not corporations or large donors.  Citizens also deserve a government based on truth, transparency, and accountability.  Our government should always be held to those principles.

We need to chart a new path by enacting policies to further public education and programs that will lessen or eliminate the tremendous burden of debt with which so many students have been weighed down.  We must recognize that investing in our students is one of the best investments we can make.

We need to chart a new path on immigration to make sure that people are treated with fairness and humanity, and that violence is not done to families.

We need to chart a new path on jobs, the economy, and the climate.  We need to foster policies and programs which benefit the majority of Americans, not just wealthy and well-connected elites.  We need to understand that we must not ignore climate change, but work to protect the Planet; that this is not necessarily a forced choice between jobs and climate.

We need to chart a new path with our military and law enforcement. It is true that we need a military, however, we need not allow it to be bloated out of control.  We also need to scale back the increasing militarization of law enforcement and make sure that the justice system is fair for all.

Finally, we need to chart a new path, a new course globally, and lead in seeking ways toward Global Peace.

Thank you all and God bless our nation and our Earth.

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