Friday, April 3, 2015

Bring Them Home Safely

Of course I have been noticing reports of the fighting in Yemen.  But quite recently it has been revealed that there are Americans stranded there, needing help from the U. S. - and NOT receiving it.

One of the first reports was about Mr. Mobley - and his situation was recently updated at The Intercept.  Then, I happened to read about more Americans left stranded in the chaos there in this article from The Guardian

Why aren't our State Department folks and the Defense people not doing - well, anything to help these people?  Isn't our government supposed to work for US, the citizens?  Seems as though if you're not well connected by wealth, position, or by diplomacy somehow, you're just on your own.

The level of unconcern is staggering. We have this from the wife of Sharif Mobley:  “Anytime I ever had contact with the embassy or State Department was through my initiation,” she told The Intercept in an interview last month. “And I get either no response or a weak response.”

Maybe I closed the Hall of Shame too early.  It seems as though this is one more exhibit, another outrage du jour.

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