Thursday, April 23, 2015

Then, Then, Now

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In the wake of revelations of mass surveillance, the tv show The Prisoner often has come to my mind; and to the minds of many others as well.  It certainly was a brilliant series and Patrick McGoohan was a fine actor - who also had some comedic flair (anyone who saw him on Murder, She Wrote, or in one of the epicodes of Columbo he was on, could tell you!)  But the overall theme of being surveilled and fighting for freedom is certainly current today.  And with The Partiot Act and Section 215 possibly seeing sunset this summer, we should be aware and be pressuring for an end to this unconstitutional mass surveillance.

But sometimes one just needs a poem to get things out!

Then, Then, Now

Dedicated to my Father and to Patrick McGoohan

Watching the original airing of The Prisoner
Was vetoed by this then high-schooler’s parents
Despite protests that it would not cause me nightmares

It was years later
When I, then finally an adult professional,
Faithfully watched the rebroadcast
Of all the episodes in order
Together with my Father
Dad and I were transported to The Village each week
To follow the adventures of Mr. McGoohan’s character
As he sought his freedom

The concepts explored in that series decades earlier
Echo through to one now a bit more mature
And slightly more cynical
As revelations have exposed the realities
Of our own “Village”
So in the spirit of Number Six
And in memory of two gentlemen
I raise my voice against mass surveillance
And declare:
“I am not an IP Number to be tracked,
I am not GPS location information to be followed,
I am not metadata to be collected and sifted through;

And now, a couple of links:

Here is the transcript of a great interview with Mr McGoohan himself. 

And here is more activist info on opposing Section 215

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  1. I loved the The Prisoner television series, what a great show. I'm also against mass surveillance as I know how dangerous it can be when it's put into the hands of the wrong people. Gathering potential blackmail information on politicians and judges is just one example. Another is using the collected data to secretly harass certain members of the public using psychological tactics which go by the name of organized stalking or gang stalking. This harassment program has only grown and grown in the last 30+ years and is not going away any time soon. It's very similar to the FBI's illegal COINTELPRO from the 1960s.

  2. Hi Ashley (and if this shows up twice, I apologize in advance). Thanks for visiting and for taking the time to leave a comment!

    I so agree that mass surveillance is very wrong. In addition to your thoughts, I feel it can have a very chilling effect on free speech. And of course I've heard of 'COINTELPRO'--- some really shady stuff there, for sure.

    Please stop by anytime!


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