Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Adventures In...(2015)

Here's something a bit different. I've been thinking a while about trying to convey that the way the world is now, it sometimes feels as though I'm Alice in some strange Wonderland.  So here goes:

Adventures In…(2015)

     I could have sworn that the world was turning faster, faster as I fought dizziness and drowsiness.  But it soon became clear I was not in my own bedroom any more. I was sitting in the grass in some strange place, still slightly dizzy.

     I looked up and noticed a grinning cat in what seemed to be a nearby tree.  The fact that he seemed to change colors every so often, from gray and black striped to yellow and white striped just made the place seem that much stranger.

     “So where am I?” I asked, though not expecting a reply.

     “Well, you are here, of course,” the cat answered.

      A bit startled at meeting a talking cat, I nonetheless managed to say, “But where is that?”

     “Between yesterday and tomorrow,” the feline replied.

     “I asked where I am, not when,” I retorted.

     “But if you know when you are, you also know where you are, for you cannot be in two places at the same time.”

     I nodded, as there did seem to be a certain logic to that. “But what kind of place is this,” I continued. “My head is still spinning while just sitting here.”

     “What kind of place were you expecting,” he asked.

     “I wasn’t expecting to be swept up to whatever this place is as I’m not even sure how I arrived here.”

    “It does seem as though the world-spin has brought you to just this sort of place.”

    “But why?”

    “Maybe you were in need of adventure?”

    “Adventure? I don’t think so,” I replied.  “Who am I supposed to be? My name’s not Alice.”

    Then I looked down and saw a silver handled mirror at my feet.  I reached for it and waved to the cat as I sought to find my way back to some sort of normalcy through that looking-glass.

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