Friday, April 17, 2015

Will the World (Europe, U.S., UK, etc.) Show Compassion?

I caught in passing some reports of emigrants being rescued off the coast of Italy, with a sad number of them dying very recently.  This was on BBC World News America; I don't know if this has been covered in very many other outlets.  It needs to be.  And people need to care, and to make those in positions of responsibility care.

It seems as though a European program assisting Italy has ended and Italy is calling for help in handling the problem.  Here is an op-ed from The Guardian that outlines some of the issues and makes the point that these people (yes, human beings) are fleeing from horrendous circumstances.  It should be clear that the nations of the world should not turn their backs on these people trying to get to better circumstances; often fleeing destabilization in which the West has certainly had a hand.  Solutions must include trying to find ways to improve the situations in the home countries of the emigrants as well as coping with refugees.  These people need our prayers and support.  Let us hope that some real solutions can be instituted.

UPDATES:  There has been another tragedy.  The EU ministers will be meeting.  I really hope they can find ways to solve this problem. Pope Francis has called on the EU and the world to act.

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