Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Congressional Development

I saw a couple of blurbs about this and - wow, it really has been introduced in Congress!  I wanted to post this today, so no one would think the date implied it was - well, not true.

There is a bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives, H. R. 1466; it's the Surveillance State Repeal Act.  It was introduced by Representatives Mark Pocan and Thomas Massie.  It would repeal The Patriot Act and institute surveillance reforms.  Here is a report.  There is also a tracker you can use to keep up with its progress!

Today I called Rep. Pocan's office and spoke with a staffer to say thanks and offer support.  He (the staffer) said prospects for the bill weren't good, but that they had been getting quite a few calls.

So, we do have some actions.  Call Rep. Pocan  (202-225-2906) and/or Rep. Massie (202-225-3465) and thank them and express support.  Call or e-mail your own Rep. and ask him or her to support this bill.  And, of course, spread the word!!!

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