Monday, March 2, 2015

Wake Up, Speak Up, Wise Up

How does one process some of the abuses going on right in U.S.?

Let's start with the case of Tamir Rice, the 12 -year old gunned down by Cleveland Police.  In this article from The Guardian,  the defense of the city of Cleveland is outlined.  It is so incredibly despicable; it really comes down to blaming the victim, a child.  I just cannot comprehend how they can defend the indefensible - just remember the video.  And that Tamir Rice wasn't given medical attention after the shooting until too late. One of the commenters to the story has a link to the original video.

Then there is the revelation that the Chicago PD has been operating a "black site" at the Homan Building in that city.  The Guardian broke the story - it came out of the investigation of  a Chicago cop who was a torture at Gitmo.  Juan Thompson at The Intercept has a follow-up.  There has been at least one commenter at TI saying there are other "black sites."  Thompson says to watch for more follow-ups. 

One commenter at the previously mentioned article on Cleveland's answer to the lawsuit about Tamir Rice posted about an incident in LA that he witnessed and another poster provided this non-facebook link.

The Guardian now has a story up concerning the above incident in LA. 

We'd better keep tabs on this investigation.

And let's not forget the police shooting right in my "backyard."  A rally was just held.  Other reports say police even had machine guns.  Why aren't we asking -is it really necessary to have such arms at peaceful protests? 

That leads into the recent proposal in NYC to start this Strategic Response Group - to handle things like counterterrorism and - protests - saith nefarious Commissioner Bratton.  But even some backtracking doesn't mean we shouldn't be VERY concerned.  Here's the take of Hands Up United.  And speaking of lumping protesters with terrorists - isn't that just what notorious Gov. Walker of WI just did?

I think we'd all better wake up and start raising our voices against such abuses, and such disdain for civil liberties and the rights of us real people.

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