Friday, March 27, 2015


The past few days, I've contemplated another blogpost.  Of course, the news and also some stories at The Intercept have really been dreadful.  So much so that I find myself asking if there is ANY good news out there.  I may do another post just listing some shameful recent items.

But one thing that is in my mind and on my heart is the Germanwings flight crash.  How can this be?  First, we had to wonder about what kind of accident/problem/error could account for this tragedy.  Now, there's the revelation that the co-pilot locked the pilot out of the cockpit and intentionally crashed the plane.  How are we to make any sense of that?  How could someone do such a thing?  What kind of black hole must he have entered into to commit such an act?  It's rare (thankfully for that), but a pilot intentionally crashing a plane has happened before.  It's just unbelievably horrific.

The victims and their families surely need to be in our thoughts and prayers.  We should not forget the victims and families of the other recent air disasters, either.  I can't really begin to imagine the sheer fright the victims had as the tragedies unfolded.  I can't really know the pain their families are enduring.  Still I hope I can send some sort of healing vibes and I really hope others will be doing the same.

And we must never stop searching for answers as to why these tragedies happened.  Will we/can we - ever know for sure?  Maybe, maybe not.  But we must keep probing as deep as we can.  And we must keep trying to improve airline safety.  Improvement is always possible.  And Dad, if you're up there listening (Dad had a private pilot's licence for a while and even owned a plane for some time) - please pray for us down here and send some vibes to help keep flying folks safer.

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