Friday, January 30, 2015

News Quiz

Greetings. Are you keeping up?  Here's a quiz for you. Ready, set go:

1.  What agency had plans to track driving patterns of Americans on a large scale?

2.  Who this week said that the NSA surveillance was "constitutional and effective?"

3.  What state declined to stop honoring Dr. Martin Luther King and Robert E. Lee on the same day?

4.  The family of what teen killed by an NYPD officer reached a settlement with the city?

5. What judge is skeptical of the constitutionality and all of no-fly lists?

6.  Who called a group of protesters "low-life scum?"

7.  Who had their 1961 convictions vacated?

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1.  The DEA!  Quite a story at The Guardian, even if not adopted. The connection to asset forfeiture and the still unknowns about the true reach of the program and other agencies involved certainly raise troubling questions.

2.  Loretta Lynch, Attorney-General designate, at her confirmation hearings.  SHAME ON HER!!!  There's also a bit more on this aspect of her hearings at Democracy Now site.  Oh, she did say waterboarding was torture and was illegal.  So Ms. Lynch, really be a stand-up woman: prosecute torturers and fight to end mass surveillance.

3.  Arkansas.  Read the story here.   Not in good taste. They really need to re think this.

4.  The family of Ramarley Graham.  Read about the case and settlement

5.  The Hon. Anthony Trenga.  This is a good recap of the trial so far.  There's more to read - by Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept

6. Sen. John McCain.  Oh, my, we just can't have protesters around, can we?  Senator, get a clue.  Honest, peaceful protesters do not deserve scorn.  Would you say the same about the Suffragists who fought for the vote for women, or Civil Rights activists (such as Rep. Lewis) who fought for full rights for African-Americans and all Americans?  Protests can be uncomfortable, but, since most of you "officials" are increasingly insulated from the rest of us, it might be good for you to actually hear and see some legitimate petitioning.  You may also want to reread that little thing called the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

7.  The Friendship Nine, a group who sat-in to integrate a lunch counter in SC.  And notice the convictions were vacated by the nephew of the judge who originally sentenced them.  Maybe there is such a thing as progress after all.  And maybe that judge should have a word with Sen. McCain.

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