Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Introducing the Button to Your Right!

Greetings -

There are so many events and so much to be concerned about that it can be overwhelming.  Still we must try to make sure critical issues don't just fade away.

The msm has basically dropped covering torture and that Senate Committee Torture Report. We must not let this fade from memory.  We must continue to press for prosecutions of torturers and the authors and architects of these depraved acts.

Therefore, I am adding the button on the right - "Justice for Torture Victims".  It is my hope that this will remind us to keep up our concerns.  Clicking on it will lead to a resource page at the Center for Constitutional Rights' site.  On that page is a link to sign their letter to the Dep't of Justice calling for torturers to be prosecuted.  The page also has a summary of their efforts and links to many informational and media resources.

It is important that those responsible for torture be held accountable.  Without prosecution, there is little to stop such abuses from happening in the future.  Even the New York Times has called for prosecutions.  I've also found another couple of articles that are worth reading.  Here is one is by Dr. Jo-Marie Burt, whose vita includes being a Professor at George Mason Univeristy and Sr. Fellow at the Washington office on Latin America.  Here is another by Marjorie Cohn, professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

We must remember.  We must not let them stand alone.

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