Saturday, January 17, 2015

Be Vigilant...

We've got to all be vigilant.  In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, we must not only be vigilant against terror attacks but also against attacks on our civil liberties.  

I don't hold the U.K. prime minister in very high regard.  And look at what he's been saying after the attacks.  He also wants the U. S. and U. S. based tech companies to cooperate with governments more!  As if they're really uncooperative now, with all the NSA back doors, secret FISA Court orders, etc.

Our Pres. is proposing more data sharing with homeland security and law enforcement.  Ah, gee, and the telcos having immunity already isn't enough?  The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) legislative analyst mentioned in that Guardian article was also quoted by The Washington Post.  Read what he had to say on this page which also has a link to the WP article.

There will also be some 'countering extremism' conference here in the U. S. on Feb. 18.  We should let our voices be heard that the way to do this is NOT to sacrifice civil liberties and privacy.  

There will be those who will say, 'but we need to do this to keep us safe.'  Really?  If all the snooping didn't prevent the Charlie Hebdo attack, and the Boston Bombing before that, isn't it past time to question if all this mass surveillance is even effective?  We need to question if we're just getting too big of a haystack of data for analysts to handle, whether the agencies are at all competent, or maybe even whether the reason for all the snooping isn't really to catch terrorists at all.

As usual, Trevor Timm has a very on-point article. It should be required reading.

We need to keep fighting for privacy rights.  Let's remember how Edward Snowden so eloquently defended privacy and how much he has sacrificed.  Let's stand with those who are seeking legal solutions.  Let's continue to call for better technical solutions.  And let's stand against fear-mongering and the idea we must sacrifice civil liberties and privacy for safety. 

P. S. Speaking of Edward Snowden, here's an extra goodie, an article by his father. 

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