Tuesday, January 20, 2015

We Must Reclaim our Humanity

Hello all - if anyone is reading.

I saw that these excerpts were appearing at The Guardian.  I hadn't so far read any.  Today, however, the excerpt's headline grabbed me and I had to read it.  It's from Guantanamo Diary by Mohamedou Ould Slahi, edited by Larry Siems.  This excerpt should be enough to bleed one's heart:  well-trained torture squad

Mr. Slahi wrote the diary while confined at Guantanamo, where he still remains.  Here, the editor discusses the case and the fight to get the diary published.

There's also a related story at The Intercept.  John Kiriakou who was jailed for whistle-blowing on waterboarding has given an interview.   It's worthwhile to read what this courageous man and true patriot has to say.

We must all take some responsibility for these despicable acts. How can we have allowed torture to go on in our names?  Let us remember the victims, and keep pushing for justice for all victims of torture.

UPDATE:  See this article from The Guardian.  I'm hoping that the full "torture report" doesn't get lost in obscurity and tucked away from FOIA requests.  We need this information to be on the public record.  As many have suggested (been discussed at TI for example) - why doesn't a Senator or Rep. read this into the record (it can even be done without reading all the thousands of pages...) Or maybe a staffer or someone could leak it.  It needs to get out.  We need to expose the criminals who tortured, those who authorized it, and those who developed such programs.  We need to expose them and to bring them to justice.


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