Sunday, February 1, 2015

200th Blog Post - Vienna Waltz

Well, do you believe it?  This is the 200th post for TVFH, which began as Cinnamonblue's Blog.  Started during the Bush II administration (I thought of calling it "Outrage du Jour"), there are still lots of things to be very concerned about.

This poem was inspired by the recent protest in Vienna against the Academy Ball held there. .And guess what?  Today is the birthday of poet Langston Hughes, so I guess a poem is indeed in order.

Vienna Waltz

We hear the waltz calling
Its 3/4 rhythm and stringed melody
Not content to bounce off ballroom walls
Find their way into the pulse of the streets and the murmur of breezes
Calling us to the dance,
No ball gown or black tie required
Just come as you are
Whirl your way through the night
Until the last notes fade at dawn
Because four walls cannot muffle the music
Nor constrain the dance
The waltz must find itself alfresco
Where we can all dance under a more magnificent chandelier
Than any ballroom can boast –
The stars

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