Friday, September 30, 2016

Alerts for Awareness

Greetings once again.  It just seems as though there are so many things to keep track of.  Here are a few alerts that should command our attention.  We need to shine light on what's happening, good and bad.  Knowledge and awareness are crucial for us to come together to progress. Don't get caught napping! Get a clue and clue in others as well!  Let's turn now to those alerts.  And if there are alerts or concerns you'd like to share, please feel free to do so in comments.

  • The ongoing protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)  We have posted here about the way the peaceful protesters there (often calling themselves 'water protectors' have been treated.  The latest - riot police blocked exit of a public road to peaceful, praying protesters.  Militarized polie made around 21 arrests.  Here is coverage from the independent news outlet, Unicorn Riot.  You might also want to read their experience regarding what they believe to be censorship of their coverage of the protests.  And BTW, has there been coverage of the situation Amy Goodman is having with the arrest warrant issued by that infamous ND county?  I don't believe The Intercept has written anything a out this. Why, I can't understand, because Jeremy Scahill used to work for her. And they're always harping about challenges to Freedom of the Press.  FOR SHAME, TIOne outlet who did have her on following the warrant being issued was Tavis Smiley!

I hope that some readers will view this in time, for there is a call for a global meditation in support of the water protectors and protests against the DAPL.  It is scheduled for tomorrow, 10/1/2016 -- at 3 p.m. EDT/ 12 Pacific (or whatever the corresponding time is in your zone).  Praying and sending supportive vibes is certainly a good idea!

  • Ongoing challenges to filming police The Intercept still has some good reporting.  Here's an article detailing how an Arkansas State Rep. was arrested for --- filming police!  An ACLU analyst says such arrests are becoming less common, but the cases listed and a judicial ruling in PA now under appeal make a point that there is still room for improvement.
  •  Another drone strike which killed civilians  Yes, quite soon after one strike, here's another which killed at this point it seems, 15 civilians.  Will this ever end?  Can we stop the killing already?
Well, good readers, that might give you something to think about over the weekend.

If you found this post of value or any of the other posts here, please comment and/or share!  Thanks.

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