Sunday, October 9, 2016

How About...

a world where:


  • hate speech is no longer a "Free Speech"  issue because folks have all rejected using such repugnant rhetoric?
  • What if the "Three R's" also mean Respect, Reasonableness, and Reconciliation?
  • people, especially those dealing with the public actually listened?
  • there's a return to honoring public spaces?
  • public infrastructure and transportation are well-maintained and readily available?
  • we pour more money into education and social services than into the military and associated industries?
  • economic inequity issues get more media coverage than political tantrums or celebrity scandals?
  • what if privacy were truly respected and we weren't surveilled or tracked all over?
  • we don't need to deal with a protracted automated customer service phone maze to get to a live person?
  • we try to live more harmoniously with our environment?
  • folks who have needed them before now have access to basic things like clean water and enough food?
  • torture and abuse are occuring so infrequently that those words are not in most people's vocabularies?
  • we seek to understand where we've been in history, but not let that determine our future path?
  • where we're really marching toward Dr. King's Dream again, even if with fitful steps (I say this because I think we've been backsliding)?
  • peace is actually breaking out all over?
  • and ------- my only worries are things such as: 'Did I play enough with my cat today?', 'Do my plants have enough water?'; and 'Is there a photo from Pluto I haven't seen yet?'

 Well, how about it?


  1. Granted I would also like the public to focus on many of the things you've pointed out, but the fact of the matter is that they don't. Let's not marginalize them for their ignorance or lack of will to be involved.

    They have the God given right of Free Will to do what they wish, but let's not waste your time or mine by focusing on what they aren't doing. Let's do what we need to do to promote those things you pointed out and still be able to coexist with those whom choose not to focus on it.

    We're not going to be able to get a majority of Americans focusing on those issues, but that's not needed. Small minorities have always shifted the consensus of human thought and understanding; not majorities. An informed and active minority has the capacity to lead others to freedom, justice, peace and love.

  2. Hi Tim -

    Interesting comment. Well, I really wasn't saying to marginalize anyone. If anything sometimes I myself feel marginalized, so out of step. Of course we all need to coexist. Totally agree with that.

    I guess one thing I was trying to point out (with the media point, especially) is that what is given the most media attention is often not very positive. Just look at some of the reality tv shows, the blow'em up movies and video games, etc.. And I know you must be aware of media progaganda. I just wish there were some more and better choices around (short of giving up the media entirely :-))

    Yes, we still need to do what we need to do, sometimes in small ways, I guess. And I think you have great company in the sentiments of your last paragraph. I think Margaret Mead said something fairly similar!

    I do like your optimistic attitude. Believe me I'm hoping - and praying - for, as the Goo Goo Dolls said, "Better Days."

    1. Awesome song by the way Cinnamon; I didn't mean to imply you meant to marginalize people; that's just how I interpreted the message. I know you had good intentions with your article; it's just how I interpreted it; thanks for clarification.

      I agree about the Media not being very positive. Reality shows, blow'em up movies don't help out at all. I've given up TV for the most part.

      Thanks for the reply Cinnamon and I wish you an awesome week!

    2. Hi Tim - glad you stopped by again and hope this replies to you as the layout on these comments is ---- messy.

      It is so thoughtful of you to take the time to also clarity; I know you had and have good intentions as well. You're so positive. I try to stay as positive as I can; I do get cynical sometimes. And maybe I didn't write as clearly as I could have (we writers should always keep trying); I guess maybe what I was getting at was longing, maybe with a hint of frustration?

      Anyway ---- there are 2 good news items today. So hopefully, we can all keep the good vibes going.

      And an awesome week to you as well :-)

  3. I'm glad I stumbled upon your commentary again; it's a much needed antidote to the constant barrage of negativity whittling away at humanity these days.

    I agree with the mostly pragmatic reply that Tim shared above, and acknowledge that getting a majority of any group headed in a more community-conscious direction is akin to herding cats - not a straightforward venture at all. But it does take folks like you to keep up the wrangling. On that note, a palette cleansing look at herding cats:

    Be well,


  4. Hi Sillyputty -

    Glad you dropped by and even left a comment! Please drop by anytime :-)

    I just love Tim's optimistic spirit. You're correct in that trying to get folks heading into a more community-conscious direction is very much like herding cats (I certainly can appreciate that! Glad to know you support "cat-wrangling" (hey, I think we just coined a new term. :-)

    You know, being a cat lover, I've often heard that cats are very sensible creatures. We humans can learn from them.

    Now off to view that video.

    Hope to see you around again... all the best - (cinnamonblue, aka feline16)


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