Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Today - International Day of Peace 2016

Greetings on this International Day of Peace.  One can only hope our prayers for Peace will be heard; that peaceful vibes will be felt around the world.

The past few years, I've posted an original poem for/about Peace.  And this year I'm continuing that tradition.  The poem this year is inspired by the 2016 theme: "Building Blocks for Peace."  And since it turned out that my new graphic seemed to go well with that theme, I will include it here again as well.

And now to the offerings for this year:

Building Blocks For Peace 


Peace is built one block at a time
The world is waiting for yours
Form the sides from finest wood
Season them, sand them,
Join them securely,
Apply a finish to the surfaces
That will withstand seasons of trial
From natural or man-made forces
Carry it to the collection as carefully as you would a dove
Leave your contribution with a prayer for its use
In building Peace
From a solid foundation of these supportive blocks
There is a space waiting just for yours,
Since we need Peace now,
We need Peace forever

My original graphic - 'Collage for Peace'

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