Monday, September 5, 2016

Total Disrespect

Greetings!  I know this is a holiday weekend, but I have to post about this. I hope some will pay attention!

The company trying to do the Dakota Access Pipeline has a security outfit that used dogs and pepper spray against peaceful protesters. 

At the article, there was one tweet that said they started digging the day after sacred sites were found.  There is also a report about this at Democracy Now ---  a link to that site is on the nav bar on right ----- or wherever in a mobile version (not having a smartphone, I'm not sure!).

This is so obviously a case of total disrespect by the company and "public officials"  (I use quotes because I wonder just who these officials are looking out for!) for our civil liberties, for our resources (more in a moment) and for Native American heritage and sacred sites.

As far as respecting our natural resources, here's an article that ought to cause outrage if disrespect of civil liberties and Native American Heritage hasn't caused that emotion yet.  The oil this project supposedly will tap was touted as being for domestic use.  But as Lee Fang at The Intercept reports, that just might not be (totally) so...  Oh, wouldn't it be nice for our decision makers to: a) look out for OUR interests and b) start being TRUTH tellers.

We should all stand with the protesters and demand this project be halted - permanently!!! 

BTW, how do you good readers like the new look?  And the little intro "images?"

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