Thursday, October 29, 2015

UPDATE!!! Reply From C-Span Re: "Afghanistan 1982" and MSF Hospital Bombing

Is anyone there???

Believe it or not I just got a reply from a C-Span journalist to the e-mail I sent them regarding their airing of the Reel America segment, "Afghanistan 1982"  You will remember from my older post, MSF Hospital Bombing - INDEPENDENT Inquiry Needed - Updated Again!     

This particular update: 
I was tuning in to a C-Span (American History TV) program and saw a blurb about one of their "Reel America" segments that is supposed to air a few times today (10/10) and the next day or so. I was stunned.  What do you all make of this?  Here is the description of "Afghanistan 1982" from their website:
"This U.S. Information Agency film chronicles events in Afghanistan from the 1979 Soviet invasion until the end of 1982, and includes a 1982 interview with a Doctors Without Borders official following the Soviet bombing of hospitals."

I don't know if I'm jumping to any conclusions, but the timing of this seems QUITE odd. It just couldn't be an effort to distract from the U. S.  bombing of a MSF hospital in Afghanistan, now could it?  I e-mailed C-span about this and will update if I get a response.  What are your thoughts, readers?  I have NOT so far heard anything from C-Span.  Anyone have a take on this?

I have just received a reply from C-Span's Richard Hall, a video journalist.  He indicated that the program was selected weeks in advance.  He also said they receive no government money and would have no interest in defending government actions.

I have sent the following follow-up e-mail to Mr. Hall.  And I will update if I get a response.

Dear Richard –

First of all, thank you for replying.  I appreciate you taking the time to do that.However, your reply does raise more questions in my mind.

The first one being:  if “Afghanistan 1982” was selected weeks before the Kunduz MSF Hospital bombing, why wasn’t it dropped from the schedule after that event?  In my mind, the timing was quite insensitive.
The second one being: you asked why c-pan would be interested in defending the actions of the government, as you get no government money.  I’m sorry to say that I wonder more and more about the coziness of the media and the government.  It was the part of the blurb about the show that really caught my notice – the part about the Russians bombing an MSF hospital.  I’m sure you’re knowledgeable about how things can very subtly be gotten across via media messages.  I have to wonder if this was some subtle way of saying ---- “Hey, someone else did something---- look at them!”  Maybe that was the case, maybe that wasn’t, but it surely raised the question in my mind. Again, I do appreciate your time.


Your thoughts, readers???

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