Sunday, October 11, 2015

Can There Be Justice for Tamir Rice?

Is there no shame?

The release of "expert reports" on the death of Tamir Rice (12 year old killed by police in Cleveland, OH) is a clear affront to all of us.  It is also an affront that the prosecutor, Timothy McGinty, will not be giving a grand jury any recommendation.  But let us turn to the two reports and the remarks of their authors, a Ms. Crawford and a Mr. Sims.

I find the remarks of retired FBI Special Agent Kimberly Crawford particularly galling.  “The relevant inquiry is whether a reasonable officer … could have concluded that deadly force is necessary,” she wrote. “It is my conclusion that Officer Loehmann’s use of deadly force falls within the realm of reasonableness under the dictates of the fourth amendment.”  REALLY?  The officer concluded deadly force was necessary AND started shooting within TWO seconds of pulling up.  Is that REASONABLE?  Not in my book.  

Then there's Lamar Sims, Chief Deputy D. A. in Denver.  Well, at least he did call it a tragedy (see Guardian article).  But  from this story
get this:  "The officers did not create the violent situation," Sims wrote in his review. "They were responding to a situation fraught with the potential for violence to citizens."  What's wrong with this?  It was NOT a violent situation until the cops showed up and started firing within two seconds! NO effort to assess the situation was made nor was there ANY attempt at de-escalation if it did seem to have a potential for violence.

I find it outrageous that "law enforcement  is so bent on evading accountability.  Echoing my thoughts is a lawyer for the Rice family:   "These supposed ‘experts’ – all pro-police – dodge the simple fact that the officers rushed Tamir and shot him immediately without assessing the situation,” Chandra said."  We must stand up for accountability by those who are supposed to "protect and serve."  We must demand that the legal system be made more transparent and fair, especially for those so often marginalized.  Our society - that is, all of us - deserves no less.

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