Saturday, June 18, 2005

Women Still Face Unbelievable Injustice

I have been shocked, saddened and outraged by some cases of extreme injustice against women recently. Around the world, women still face many hardships such as lack of education and struggles for daily survival. They also face many injustices and indignities brought on by powerful male-dominated societies.

Very recently, an Indian woman, Imrana Bibi, was raped by her father-in-law, divorced and abandoned by her husband, yet ordered to live with her attacker! In this article, she says she will never live with her attacker and describes her ordeal.

Another famous case is that of Muktaran Mai, who was ordered gang raped to avenge something one of her brothers did. Most of her attackers are now free and she has been fearful of retaliation. On top of everything, she has been a virtual prisoner; it seems the government does not want her to move about freely and tell her story. Last week, it appeared as though she would be allowed to visit the U. S. and give a series of talks organized by the Asian-American Network Against Abuse of Women. As of today, the President of Pakistan has stopped her from coming. At their website, the Network has updates on her case, sample letters to the President of Pakistan, and a link to an e-mail form to Pres. Musharraf. Please visit their site and e-mail the Pakistani President to urge him to allow her to move freely and visit the U. S.. Contacting our Congresspeople would be a good idea also.

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  1. The latest update on the Muktaran Mai case is that the Pakistani Supreme Court will take up her case on June 27. Keep watching for developments in this case.


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