Sunday, June 19, 2005

Another Outrage Du Jour

This administration's attitude toward scientific information troubles me. There was Phillip Cooney who edited passages of a global warming study to diminish the link between greenhouse gases and global warming. Now scientists who have retired from the Bureau of Land Management report that a scientific analysis was changed. Specifically, passages critical of relaxing grazing regulations for cattle were eliminated or altered. Read their story here.

I feel that it is very important that decisions affecting our precious biosphere be based on a) truthful information and rigorous science, and b) a true concern for protecting our environment. Native Americans (I'm part Delaware) always have a reverence for Mother Earth. We - and our decision makers - need to remember that in the words of one Native American, "What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves."

It seems to me that this administration falls short on adhering to both of the above criteria. We need to demand that our decision makers be held to higher standards than altering scientific reports to support a conclusion that they support for some reason, even if the data does not.

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