Friday, June 3, 2005

A Plan to Save?

Today I think I'll take a break from politics and relate my experience trying to save some money on my phone bill. A few months ago, I signed on to a regional package with Verizon. I "thought" this would save me money, but quite the opposite was the case. I didn't realize this package was on top of their "basic charges", which meant this effectively doubled my bill!

So this afternoon I tried managing the maze of phone plans and automated customer service phone lines. It was a challenge just to get a live person at Verizon who could finally change my service back to the minimal package I was on BEFORE I changed it. I also didn't realize that the local lines are controlled by Verizon and ATT - who apparently don't have to share them! So much for competition.

Although I can get some great deals in long distance, that's not the major part of my phone bill. Those "basic charges", such as the FCC subscriber line fee and the wonderful fee I have to pay for the privilege of having a subsidiary line for my computer are what's killing me! I did investigate switching to ATT, but to switch both lines would have cost me almost $130! I told the gal at ATT I thought that would be highway robbery (and yes, I did use those exact words).

After dealing with all of this I am still on Verizon for my local calling (on their minimal flat rate plan), and I took a plan with my Internet provider for my long distance. And I'm still wondering when everyone will stop gouging the consumer.


  1. Whenever you switch plans. Look out for the first bill following the change.
    The switchover fees are steep but you can save,

  2. Hi there! Well, that plan I tried wouldn't save me anything - I don't use long distance enough. I do think that long distance with my ISP should help a bit, though. Now if they would only cut down on those basic fees...


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