Sunday, April 24, 2016

What, AGAIN??? - Updated

I have to ask once again, is anyone actually reading?  Please comment; I could really use a boost here.

Anyway, when I saw this one new commercial I knew I had to do a post about it.  Anyone remember the AT&T commercial I wrote about as being racist?  Now Claritin has one as well.

Check this out.  In the link is the video for commercial - "Outdoor Carnival."  Look at how the African -American fellow is photographed/presented.  Certainly blackface or very close.  Very insensitive at best and racist at worst.   You can view the commercial here.

If someone told me about this and I hadn't seen it for myself, I would have said, NO WAY this would be happening in 2016.  But yes, racism is still around.  Consider that a pro-white rally was just held in GA.  Will some folks EVER LEARN?

Anyway, I will be calling the Claritin folks on Monday to complain.  I was going to use their online e-mail form, but it wanted too much information, and demanded that I say I bought it when I haven't.  I'll complain about that form, too.  I will update this post with my experience.

And don't forget, we could use comments on the "Positively Diverse" page; it seems we need all the good diversity news/blurbs/writings and all that we can find!


I did make the call; quite an interesting journey it was.  I called the main number given on the claritin website; when I finally got a human, told the rep I wanted to be connected to the advertising department. She said she'd connect me and also gave me another number just in case.  Well, when I got a rep there, it was no, wrong place to be calling....I think I got transferred to somewhere else and finally said, "I feel as though I'm being given the run-around."  That rep finally said, well, you need to call this number - the original one I called.  She said she'd try to find out why they transferred me out in the first place.  Well, finally got a gal who was nice and said she would pass on my feedback concerning this nefarious commercial.

So if anyone feels the urge to also protest this racist ad, call claritin at: 1-800-252-7484.  Let's let them know we don't appreciate insensitive protrayals! 

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