Monday, April 18, 2016

Announcing the New Page!

Good readers, you will notice that there's a new page button in the navigation at the top of the blog!  It says: "Positively Diverse."  So what is that page to be about?

Well, obviously it will deal with diversity.  Specifically, I would like it to be a place to "archive" if you will, some positive links, articles, stories, etc. about diversity and unity.  With the current climate with much divisiveness being thrown around here in the U. S. in our politics and also often in regards to immigration in Europe, it was getting very frustrating, to say the least to hear all that bigotry. So what to do? I must give a nod to Alexandra Franzen here, who recently wrote about taking the initiative.  So I guess I'm doing that with this page at least to some extent.  Ms. Franzen also said quite recently said try doing something "cool."  Well, this could be!
The page will be successful IF you readers stop by and leave comments with some links, your own stories and writings, etc. that are "positively diverse." So please support this effort!

Blogger sometimes doesn't have the coolest basic features.  And the way comments appear is, to me, very poor.  You have to go on a new page to read them and they're too small on the page.  Just for the "Positively Diverse" page, however, what I'd like to do is this:  since I recently went on moderation (thought I'd get a landslide of negative comments to "Enabling"), I think I'll stay on moderation and again, for Positively Diverse page only, copy the comment and its attribution and put the comment directly on the page.  I think it might work, but I WILL need your help to give it a shot at success! Again, this copying will ONLY apply to any comments for that one page.

So I hope we can fill the page with some positive vibes. Please click on the 'Posibtively  Diverse' tab above, read, and hopefully submit something positive.  Please help.  Thanks in advance!

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