Saturday, April 30, 2016

21 Jump Street - "Next Victim"


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Now on to the topic of this post.  I never watched 21 Jump Street when it was on originally. Not into it.  But now I'm retired and I seem to be keeping all sorts of weird hours.  Wanted to see what was on television at some crazy hour and found this rerun channel had on 21 Jump Street at the time so I watched.  The episode was ok - not great, but not bad, either.  So just the other day, I caught another episode.  This one was called "Next Victim."  Now I have some questions about some things in it (I'll try not to spoil much for anyone who hasn't seen it), but I generally found the episode to be excellent.  The plot concerned hate talk radio, a bigoted group, and a group opposed to such racism.  The story is not only engaging, but also as relevant today in the nasty political climate we have around (think of the nutjob) as it was originally.  The finale of the episode gives us something we all need to hear and think about - TODAY.

I'm going to give a link here so that if anyone wishes, he or she can view the episode.  If you just want to view the ending scene (MOST excellent), I believe that starts around 39:26 or so by the counter.

So enjoy:       21 Jump Street - "Next Victim" Episode 

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