Monday, January 11, 2016

Rest In Peace, David Bowie

There was no way I couldn't write this memorial.  When I saw the headline that David Bowie had just passed away, I was just  - shocked.  I literally 'screamed' at my monitor, "WHAT?"  Of course The Guardian has a GREAT appreciation/ article.

Being a boomer, of course, Bowie was integral to the fabric of music of my  high school and college days.  Really, I wasn't a HUGE Bowie fan (though I did have friends who were), but certainly someone whose music I often enjoyed and whom I did respect as an artist (and I think I have some Bowie vinyl somewhere...)

I can definitely remember playing his most famous song, Space Oddity, on the piano.  It was one that EVERYBODY knew.  But probably my favorite Bowie song is Suffragette City.  In younger days I always seemed to have a great time when that song was on the playlist.  Yes, I guess Bowie was indeed a link to our youth, even though he kept experimenting.  And one more great Bowie memory - his appearance with Bing Crosby one Christmas time when they sang "Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth."  That is one of my most favorite Christmas recordings and I wish every person on the PLANET would take its message to heart!

So heartfelt condolences to his family, love to his fans, and thanks for the great music. David, you will be missed here, but keep the music going on the other side.

And I leave with links to two Bowie videos:

Suffragette City                     and              Space Oddity         (just be careful of ads in the vids...)

Rest in Peace, David.

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