Friday, January 15, 2016

Painful News Indeed

It is very sad that our U. S. Episcopal Church has been sanctioned by the global Anglican Communion over the issue of same-sex marriage (and integrating LGBT Episcopalians fully into the life of the Church).

Only a short time ago I saw this report first on NPR News.  From the article:  "The church has not been removed from the communion. However, it will be barred from Anglican decision-making for three years and will no longer represent the community in ecumenical or interfaith bodies, the Anglican organization has decided."

For more coverage, there is a report from BBC News

I agree with our Presiding Bishop, The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, who said the decision "will bring real pain"

I'm sad that the Global Anglican Future Conference pushed for this and that they feel this should only be the beginning (see the BBC article).  I'm sorry they don't feel it in their hearts to be more progressive.

I'm sad that many Anglicans in the Southern Hemisphere in particular feel that new values are being imposed on them.  From the NPR News article:   "Welby [The Most Rev. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, top worldwide Anglican leader], who has traveled widely in Africa and elsewhere, told a Washington audience recently that he has found many Anglican leaders feeling like new moral values are being imposed on them by their old colonial masters. ..."  I can see the need for those Anglicans to be treated with sensitivity, but I'm still sad that they don't embrace more inclusiveness.

I'm sad that LGBT folks are still facing an uphill battle to be fully included in their Christian worship. 

I'm sad that more of us Anglicans can't seem to be open to reinterpreting "traditional teaching" and espouse a more inclusive idea of marriage in this new millennium.

 I'm sad that more of us just can't seem to accept each other.

...Anyone hearing the echoes of a certain old Hollies song, especially a certain line?


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