Thursday, January 28, 2016

Outrageous - Updated

I hate to move the previous post down.  I may move it back up after a day or so.

But I have to write this:  Trump is doing this "fundraiser" for Wounded Warrior Project tonight at the same time as the GOP debate.  And it's supposed to get tv coverage?  So basically, Trump throws a tantrum because he does't like the Fox Moderator and he gets REWARDED for it?  Any wonder why I'm outraged?  I just saw that C-Span has it on their schedule - to their SHAME.  I just e-mailed them to express my outrage.  However, I first wrote to WWP telling them they should be ashamed for having anything to do with this ludicrous candidate.  CNN phones should be open now, and I will call them.  I'll be right back to let you all know how that call progressed.

When I called CNN, the receptionist said there was no person available so I left a message with my e-mail in case anyone felt like getting back to me.   I didn't find their site very easy to navigate, and just checked my Verizon guide, but didn't see it on CNN schedule (or HLN either) - and I hope it stays that way! I will of course, update if I get any response from them, WWP, or C-Span.

I would advocate that you readers also let WWP and the media know this event is outrageous - skip the coverage!  Some Media contact info can be found here.   For some reason on the printout I actually use, I blocked out 'option 1' with the CNN# so I guess that's certainly not necessary. WWP can be easily searched out and C-Span has an online contact form. Why the media is pandering to that dangerous bigoted, extremist, is beyond me.  Or should be, as they should stop giving him free passes and a stage for every nasty remark he utters.  And I wonder if his supporters really understood the disdain he was showing for THEM with that "shooting people" remark.  BTW, has anyone heard any candidate or media person who actually condemned that remark?

Here's also something I found at The Guardian and their covering of this debate flap except the first link I have here may not be the one they referred to:

On the heels of news that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s luxurious, world-class retweets are disproportionately bestowed upon white supremacists, the billionaire presidential candidate has been called out as a latter-day fascist by none other than Anne Frank’s stepsister.
In an essay published by Newsweek, Eva Schloss, an 86-year-old survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp, decried Trump’s anti-immigrant policies as reminiscent of Nazi Germany:
"If Donald Trump become the next president of the US it would be a complete disaster. I think he is acting like another Hitler by inciting racism.”
The piece, written to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, compares the plight of Syrian refugees - and global resistance to aiding them - to the experiences of her family in the years leading up to World War II. “I was 11 years old when my family first immigrated to Belgium,” Schloss writes.
“We were treated as if we had come from the moon. I felt as if I wasn’t wanted and that I was different to everybody. It is even harder for today’s Syrian refugees who have a very different culture ... I was shocked that I wasn’t accepted like an ordinary person. I am very upset that today again so many countries are closing their borders.”

...Well said, Ms. Schloss.


Saw a blub on I think it was Bloomberg news online that nasty Trump actually dominated coverage at CNN and MSNBC during time of GOP debate.  I left online feedback for CNN -  but will it help?  I'm sick and tired of this wacko being shoved in our faces and enabled to spew his hateful rhetoric by the media.  Are there any human readers out there?  And anyone even taking the time to phone or leave feedback for these media enablers?  We complain, but nothing ever seems TO GET DONE.  I do what I feel I can, mostly "armchair/online stuff" but I do make some sort of effort here.  Anyone getting the feeling I'm a bit frustrated?  Yup.  Seeing that ludicrous nutjob continually getting rewarded by the media  - and actually having ANY supporters will do that...


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