Monday, October 6, 2014

Requiem for Mike Brown

I use NPR News page as my home page (I know it may be suspect, but it does often has stories not always seen elsewhere...), so when I logged on and saw the headline about a protest for justice for Mike Brown at a St. Louis Symphony concert, I was very intrigued.

It was certainly was worth reading about and viewing the video.  A group of about 50, at the end of intermission, one by one rose and sang.   How stimulating to see a wonderful example of creative and peaceful protest, done by a divergent group united in purpose. They found a means, as Rep. Lewis says, to "Get in the way."  It was also interesting to see the reaction of those not involved with the protest.  The reactions ran from seemingly wondering what is going on, to bemusement, to support, to even annoyance (the one lady in the black gown next to the fellow in glasses who mugged for the camera).  The conductor looked on with patience, which I feel was to his credit.

Here's a more comprehensive article, though.  It has a a report featuring the Symphony's publicist and has two videos accompanying it.  The first is a news report, and the second is the same youtube video I described watching on the NPR News site.

I am so glad that people are continuing to keep the issue alive.   We need to all, in some way, keep up the fight for justice and truth.

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