Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Birthday, John Adams - though a bit late...

Time for our annual birthday greeting to John Adams - yes, our second president (not the composer).  So Happy Birthday, Mr. President - dare we count (number 279!)?  Hope somehow you're celebrating - and of course looking in on us, praying for us, and sending "down" some wisdom; we really could use some!

In celebration, here are some mini-thoughts about our birthday boy - one for each letter of the alphabet:

antislavery though not abolitionist, bibliophile, "Colossus of Independence", defense counsel at Boston Massacre trial, extemporaneous speaker, Federalist, graduate of Harvard, honest, independent minded, jurist and political theorist, keen of mind, letter writer, Mr. President, negotiator, outspoken, patriot, Quincy born, revolutionary, state constitution author, talker, unyielding, volatile, White House prayer composer, XYZ Affair  president, Yankee, zealous

I think if I could describe him in a few words, I'd probably say he was an American original.

In preparing this, I saw a suggestion that history/social science teachers show clips of the musical 1776 to stimulate discussion of and learning about  John Adams and his times.  So---- enjoy:

For God's sake John, sit down

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