Thursday, October 23, 2014


I'm baaaaaak - and with another bit of fiction for ya -

Dialogue/That's Just the Way It Is

...Oh, that's just the way it is.
And you never question why it can't be different?
Why bother? What does questioning get you?
Questioning can be stimulating.  Maybe someone comes along and asks why things are "always this way."  Then maybe someone else comes along and asks why not "do things this other way."   Who knows? Some new solutions may pop up.
Sounds pretty ivory tower to me.
But it isn't really. Have you ever thought of how to do something better on your job?
Come to think of it, I did put in a suggestion just last month.
It's like that,  just on a bigger scale. 
Bigger scale?  I have all I can handle on my plate already!
Of course, we're all busy these days. But even a small action can sometimes help fuel a big change. Can you really tell me you're satisfied with the way things are now? 
I wouldn't say satisfied...
Then, can you imagine say, just one policy or program you'd like to see changed or implemented?
Whoa, I'm not political!
All you have to be is concerned about an issue. Then be willing to learn about it and to work toward change.
Oh sure, I can see my friends now.  the moment I start talking about it, they will roll their eyes at my bringing up 'the cause' again.
Well, you don't have to be obsessive; it doesn't need to take over your life. But by the same token, the last thing we need now is silence!
You mean my voice really does matter?
Absolutely.  Democracy is supposed to be a noisy bazaar.  There is a boisterous discourse  happening.  Your voice can only add to its richness. 
So what's my first step?
You might try telling folks that the way it "is" isn't the way it always has to be. 



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