Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mayanmar Yet Again

I'm sorry to say that Myanmar is still in the news for brutally abusing human rights.
Around 150 people were given sentences - from 2 - 65 years. Many were held in secret, sometimes with no counsel present. Why? These are protesters for democracy and/or against the brutal military junta.

A leading comedian, who helped distribute post-cyclone aid and gave interviews critical of the government's slow aid efforts, was given 65 years. 65 years! For a comedian! Medieval kings showed court jesters more respect than that!

It is estimated that around 2,100 political prisoners are now held. And that junta has nerve to say they want to be on a road to democracy? How could anyone believe that?

A lone brave soul, Min Thein, staged a silent protest near the headquarters of Aung San Suu Kyi's prodemocracy party, the National League for Democracy.

I am outraged, saddened and frustrated that this situation is still without remedy. I just e-mailed the U. N. Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights (e-mail: (
If you go to the Human Rights Watch link on the left, you can look up more background information.

Do everything you can to keep this in our public consciousness, and also pray for the people of Myanmar/Burma.

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